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The greatest symbols of fear and chaos are under the control of God. The Genesis account of creation presents how God subdues the what the ancient world considered as powerful-the waters. He also brought light into existence, something the ancients thought ruled the world.

Darkness which was deeply feared by the ancients was also brought under His control. When we face fear and chaos in our world and we keep asking, God, where are you? He answers us with the creation story. He establishes order in a chaotic world, rules the light, night and other Gods. Apparently, God is saying don’t be afraid I have all under control and I am working things out. (Romans 8:28). The new testament presents another beginning with the birth of a child. Through Jesus the world was created and through Him chaos is made orderly. The Bible says, “because all things in the heavens and on earth were created by him … and he himself is before all things, and in him all things are held together” (Col 1:16–17). In the midst of fear and tribulations we should remember Christ is still in control and that He rules the world. And through Him the world will be recreated. (Revelation 21:1-8. Begin everything with Christ for He is the Alpha and Omega—the beginning and the end (Revelation. 1:8, 21:6, and 22:13).



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